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Lisanne was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland but loves to travel.  Her travels have taken her to many parts of the US, one of her favourite places is Alaska. She has also travelled extensively in Europe.  Her genetic recipe is quite diverse and includes a teaspoon of  Italian, a tablespoon of German, a tablespoon of Irish and 2 ladles of Scots!


Lisanne has always enjoyed writing and her fertile imagination helped to bring together ideas and thoughts she has had for many years. Her parents encouraged her inventive imagination. Her  sister, Morag, was also a marvellous story teller and loved to tell Lisanne tales to help her sleep.  She is remembered in all the books Lisanne writes but more so in the first of The Park Family Trilogy, Lauren.


Lisanne's first book, Cathedral City is a dedication to her parents, Harry and Mary Bocker who both grew up in Leith, Edinburgh.  Both parents were sadly killed in an automobile accident but their memories live on through Lisanne and her family.


She is fiercely proud of her sons and daughter in law who, together with her best friend, her husband Paul, have been the encouragement and support upon which she depends.

Lisanne's brothers and their families appear as characters in one, two or even more of her books.


Despite a hectic home life, Lisanne continues to read everything she can get her hands on and manages to continue writing her books that will shortly be available in print and electronic editions.

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What a Year!


A trip to Rome, !

What a place, so full of various energies. Some research, maybe, for other novels?

The Colosseum certainly contains the possibilities of different angels? Whilst the Trevi Fountain.. 




Lauren - from the first part of the Park Trilogy, sees her returning from Orlando to live in Edinburgh.

Some research (!) necessary for the future. Maybe!!




Acharacle, Strontian, Mingary feature in all of the Park Trilogy. Vising Strontian and the surrounding area is not only a research project but also a healing one.



The Future

It's all about the books just now. Two have gone to publisher and it's in their hands, while I work away on the novellas pre and post The Park Family trilogy. 




Welcome to Lisanne Valente's Website. Lisanne is the author of The Park Family Trilogy, a series about a family of Mistdreamers who cross between worlds and help Angels with their ongoing battle against evil.




Graphic Novel


The Devil Taks a Holiday







The Infidelibus






Watch out for your free download.



New Series




How would you like to walk inside your favourite book?


These magical girls can!

But at what cost?



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Congratulations Lisanne, your book "The Park Family: Lauren " made it into "Best Reads For This Year"

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