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Paranormal romance books and Books about heaven and hell. The Park Family mistdreamers.

My name is Lisanne and I write mainly paranormal romance books. If you are enthralled by battles between supernatural forces and captivated by forbidden romances between humans and angels, then take a step with me, into the exciting world of the Park Family.


The Park Family Trilogy

Paranormal romance books. The Park Family Valerie. Angels, demons and mistdreamers in Edinburgh.

Paranormal romance books. The Park Family Lauren. Angels, demons and mistdreamers in Edinburgh.

Paranormal romance books. The Park Family Mairi. Angels, demons and mistdreamers in Edinburgh.


Set amongst the scenic beauty of Edinburgh and the ethereal worlds of heaven and hell, the Park Family trilogy follows Lauren and her two cousins, Valerie and Mairi, as they fulfil their destinies, as the last of the Mistdreamers. The trilogy is, at heart, a coming of age story, as the three sisters navigate the spirit realms aided by the three fallen angels sworn to protect them; Forcas, Appoloin and Prince Seere. Unseen and malevolent forces stalk the three girls and their protectors, and Lauren will discover explosive, powerful secrets that will hold the key to the fates of heaven and earth. If romance and fantasy are your favoured genres, and you would like to find out more about the world I have concocted, then please click the button below.

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I am currently working with renowned artist Dave Hill on a set of graphic novels which will include the worlds of heaven and hell, as well as introducing new worlds. The graphic novels will not be sequels to the Park Family Trilogy but will feature exciting new characters who will begin their own adventures through earth, heaven and hell whilst reintroducing the reader to the next generation of Mistdreamers. Please pop back, to keep up with new developments as Dave and I create my first graphic novel.

Paranormal romance books. The Devil Takes A Holiday. Angels, demons and mistdreamers in Edinburgh.


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I love hearing from my wonderful readers around the world. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, please visit my guest book and I will do my best to respond. If you would like a direct response, or you have any questions about my paranormal romance books, please do not hesitate to email me. 

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Author Lisanne Valente. Books about heaven and hell. Historical fiction. Edinburgh.


Author Lisanne Valente selling paranormal romance books and books about heaven and hell.

About Lisanne Valente


Born and raised in Edinburgh I picked up my writing pen over 25 years ago. I was drawn to writing firstly, because it was cathartic and supported me as I tried to deal with the death of my parents. I drew inspiration from them, as I wrote about their lives, their loves and their experiences during and after World War Two.

Although my first novel was semi-biographical, I was soon drawn to the fantasy setting and began writing paranormal romance books. Fascinated by angels, demons and the unseen worlds, I love creating works that intersect between the mystical and the real. Hopefully you will have as much fun reading my fiction, as I have had in creating them.

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