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The Family Park have a secret...which world is real...and will the Angels discover the truth in time...


Castles Tioram, Kisimul and Mingary


Lauren 2nd edition to be released in November


"But, Lauren," he persisted, "you are only on the fifth level of Heaven.  There are four more tiers to this world, and, of course, it is the same in the kingdom of Hell.  Five tiers, in reverse order to Heaven."

    "I guess that sort of knocks it on the head for atheists and agnostics, it must blow their minds when they die and discover our earthly plane isn't the end."

    Ramiel laughed. "How I've missed these discussions, you always had such a curious mind, always pushing boundaries."

    Lauren's mouth fell open. "We've had discussions, you and I?"

    Ramiel grimaced as he stood up and stepped away from the bed. "Perhaps, we will talk about this later. I don't want to rush you with too much information, but yes, we have had many discussions, and I have always enjoyed your wit and intellect.  I look forward to showing you the answers to the questions you seek."  He laughed again and added, "And as for the atheists, they find themselves happy to continue in the same vein as they had on earth.  They would never be happy to know there is an almighty ruler, or something greater than humanity.  And agnostics are just delighted to no longer be sitting on a fence." 


Mairi wondered how it was possible she had not been aware of journeying to this heavenly setting. And therein lay the answer: “heavenly”. She was mistdreaming. She wanted to wake, to walk away from this, but was so physically tired because of  the scene with Lucias, she found herself just lying on the green grass, staring up at Edinburgh Castle. 

    Where was her blue mist? she wondered. Adramelechk should have been here to lead her and use whatever information she could discover back to the Angels.

    She shook away her lethargy and rose from the ground and walked toward the castle. Music was playing in the Ross Band Stand situated to her right, and it flowed over her like a warm breeze. Listening closely to the beautiful chords, she thought she recognised the music but wasn’t sure.

    Looking down at the lush grass, all she wanted to do was lie down again, but she was drawn to the music. Then he began to sing. She would always know that voice; he had helped her in her youth. Oh, he hadn’t known her. But his music had taken her from that scrawny teenager with weird ways through to becoming an adult with weird ways. She identified with him and his music.

    David Bowie, a legend, her legend, and here he was in mistdreaming with her, singing in the bandstand of Princes Street Gardens.



“You’re the Mistdreamer, you brought yourself here all on your own.”

    “And we are?” Valerie opened her eyes wide and shook her head in question. “We are...where?”

    “We are Betwixt.”

    Valerie checked out all her surroundings. “It looks like Princes Street Gardens to me!”

    “Well, if that’s what Betwixt is to you, then that’s what it will be.” He sniggered. “You must see Princes Street Gardens, on the mortal plane, as somewhere you visit but don’t do anything in; it is a place you like to spend time in. A place Betwixt.”

    “You angels are weird, aren’t you?”

    “If by weird you mean powerful, handsome, and intelligent.”

    “Whoa up there, boy, weird just means weird. I mean, Lauren gets all tangled up with Forcas, and it didn’t really do her much good, did it? Then Mairi has to have that Appoloin.” Valerie touched her chin and screwed her face up. “Not that anyone would mind having his heavenly body next to theirs. But what do you all throw at me?”

    “I’m waiting with bated breath,” Elemiah chuckled.

    “You give me that eejit Seere. I mean, why a demon?” She paused. “And not just any demon, a prince of demons, who just happens to be a dragon! What were you all thinking?”


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