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Paranormal romance books. The Park Family Lauren - The Awakening. Angels, demons and mistdreamers.

The Park Family: Lauren – The Awakening

The first book in the Park Family trilogy, The Awakening focuses on Lauren as she embarks on a voyage of discovery about her true self. Throughout her childhood, Lauren’s parents were able to shield her from learning about her connection to the spirit world. Now an adult, Lauren’s regular life is soon shattered when she comes into contact with an angel called Forcas. Forcas is a member of the Infidelibus, and as such is sworn to protect Lauren, because she is one of the last Mistdreamers.

The Mistdreamers are under grave threat from treacherous forces and it is up to Lauren to realise her true potential. So, join Lauren and Forcas as they explore the realms between heaven and hell and realise just how important Lauren is to the fate of the universe in the battle between light and darkness.


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Paranormal romance books. The Park Family Valerie - The Teacher. Angels, demons and mistdreamers.

The Park Family: Valerie – The Teacher

The second book in the Park Family story follows on from The Teacher, but concentrates on the cousin of Lauren, Valerie. Valerie is a teacher, but with one important difference, she is a Mistdeamer. Kept in the dark like her cousins Lauren and Mairi, Valerie soon finds out that she is in grave danger from the evil machinations of the mad demon, Lucius. Lucius is intent on subjugating Valerie, even if it means destroying everything she knows and loves.

The Infidelibus’ have bestowed a personal guardian to Valerie, Prince Seere, and the book will follow the two as they navigate through dangerous worlds and attempt to prevent another War of Angels. The Teacher interweaves romance, historical fiction and fantasy and will appeal to those fascinated by angels, demons and the spirit world.


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Paranormal romance books. The Park Family Mairi - Retribution. Angels, demons and mistdreamers.

The Park Family: Mairi – Retribution

The final instalment of the Park Family series tells the story of Mairi who is a beautiful actress, but also a Mistdreamer with untold powers. Retribution follows Mairi and protector angel, Appoloin, as they struggle to evade the clutches of her evil half-brother Lucias, who is intent on killing Mairi. It soon becomes clear that not just Mairi, but all of the Mistdreamers are in extreme danger and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

The three Mistdreamers, Lauren, Valerie and Mairi must unite and use their Mistdreaming abilities one last time to save the earth from destruction and stop the heavens from falling into the wrong hands. Retribution merges the stories of the last three Mistdreamers, Lauren, Valerie and Mairi, into one thrilling, final story that provides a resounding climax to the Park Family story.


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Paranormal romance books and historical fiction. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


The Devil Takes a Holiday

I am currently working with respected artist, Dave Hill on a set of graphic novels which will build on the worlds created in the Park Family. Although connected, the stories will be standalone, and will feature new protagonists as they instigate their own expeditions into the other worlds. Please check back regularly for updates about future paranormal romance books and graphic novels.