Lisanne Valente
Lisanne Valente


Chapter One


Sergeant MacLean threw the photos onto the table, they fluttered and landed in a haphazard fashion. Some lay face up; dreadful images of children in misshapen positions.

Slowly, carefully, reverently, as though cradling a new born babe, she turned each photo over, a tear for each lost soul traced its way down her face.

“Well” barked MacLean “go on give us your expertise. I’m not sure how we managed to do this job without your special powers”. His laugh matched the grotesque look he wore, harsh, doubting, cynical...and frightened.

She placed the photo, all twelve of them in rows of three, she had known, before she entered the small cell who they were seeking information about. The small figure had been waiting patiently, as only the dead knew how, for her to help lead them in the direction of finding her killer.

Joanne’s ghostly hand had slid into hers when Shona sat at the table, with a hesitant glance to Shona she nodded her head, the intangible perception passed between them.

Shona knew what to do. If she acknowledged the child’s photograph too quickly, the police would have suspicions and, of course, doubt. Instead she pondered every photo, sending a silent prayer for their safety in the afterlife, before choosing Joanne’s photo.

“This is the child you want information on, isn’t it?” she asked, quietly.

“Well you’re the psychic” grunted MacLean “is it, or isn’t it?”

“I may be a psychic, but I’m also a human being, with human frailties that lead to mistakes, which is why I ask rather than tell you.” 

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