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Charley is coming of age, and she's going to have fun getting there!

Below is a short excerpt from Chapter 5

Alex suddenly realised what the problem was, how could he be so dense?

"You were'nt a virgin, were you" he asked incredulously.

"As a matter of fact, I was, and thanks to you I can now proudly say, "I'm not any more" and I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that sex is horrible, and I'll never  be doing it again." Charley handed him the tissue he'd graciously given her.

"There" she cried, "you can take that and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!"

Alex laughed, infuriating Charley even more. Not holding back, she kicked him, again.

"I told you not to do that to me" he growled and grabbed her around her tiny waist.

"Why, what will you do? Fuck me again? 'Cause that's all it was, it certainly wasn't making love."

"Well, Lady Charlotte, wasn't that just what you wanted?"

"No, it wasn't" Charley hesitated, "It was, kind of, but" she paused, "I just wanted rid of my virginity" she said, and the river of tears she had been holding onto burst forth. "I ..I.. I" she sobbed, "I didn't think it would be like that" she said emphasising the "that"...."I thought it would be loving and gentle."

Alex cradled Charley in his arms and let her cry. He'd never before had a virgin, and really didnt know how to handle the situation, but thinking of his sister and how she would feel had the same thing happened to her, he was filled with such a deep embarrasment and remorse for they way he'd handled their joining.

He'd had a moment of doubt when he'd felt her virginal barrier, but it hadn't lasted longer than a nano-second, so caught up in the pleasure of the moment. 

Passions is a novel by Lisanne Valente and involves the coming of age story of a young girl from Edinburgh and her change from child to woman. She explores her own sexuality which conflicts her religious upbringing. She has fun in life and without meaning to, falls in love.

There are some similarities to Lisanne's life, but she's quick to point out that Charley's is more exciting and she's experienced a lot more than her!

Welcome to Lisanne Valente's Website. Lisanne is the author of The Park Family Trilogy, a series about a family of Mistdreamers who cross between worlds and help Angels with their ongoing battle against evil.




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