Lisanne Valente
Lisanne Valente


When revenge crosses the centuries, it only  has one outcome.


Thrown into the vast beyond, Jamie escapes the clutches of Hell by chance and searches for the girl...




She has her life arranged, everything is perfect, the problem is a two hundred year old ghost wants to kill her...




Below is a short excerpt from Chapter 22

Jenny gazed at the beauty surrounding her, and was lost for words. Lynette had seen the same look before, when friends had visited for the first time. She wanted to tell Jenny,, what she saw was miniscule compared to the sightes they had in store for her.

"That mountain ahead" Jim continued, "Is four to five thousand feet high."

"A mere hill" Jenny said sardonically.
Jim tried, but couldn't hide his astonishment, with a glance over his shoulder, he saw Jenny smiling, and laughed, "Joking? Yeah?"
"We call it Kerry's hill, after our youngest." he said proudly.
"That's a nice thing to do" she answered, "I doubt I've been named after anything."
Lynette explained, "when the snow falls it spells out Kerry, because of the line the trees lie."
Jenny suddenly felt as though she was invading their private lives. "I hope you don't mind me staying with you" she apologised.
"Not at all." Lynette promised, "Jim's taken some days off work, we're looking forward to showing you some of the places we enjoy visiting."
"I can hardly wait" Jenny said drowsily, whispering to herself, "the Kenai penisula" before falling asleep.
"She stayed longer than I thought she'd manage" Jim chuckled, his eyes on the long road ahead.
"It's a long flight from Edinburgh to Alaska, I thought she'd be a dripping mess when we picked her up. How long do you think she'll sleep?"
"I'll give her two hours" he smirked, "I remember what she was like as a kid, nothing stops her, not even eighteen hours in a plane!"


Crossing Over is a novel written by Lisanne Valente, based in and around Edinburgh, the story revolves around the life of Jenny and her encounter with the spirit of a murderer, Jaimie, who was hanged from the Tolbooth by a lynch mob.

The book was written in 1980 and received by a publishing house, where it remained on the shelf until it was returned to Lisanne, several years later.

Welcome to Lisanne Valente's Website. Lisanne is the author of The Park Family Trilogy, a series about a family of Mistdreamers who cross between worlds and help Angels with their ongoing battle against evil.




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